Running (very) Slowly

Today I ran. Three simple words that carry so much weight. If any of you have ever tried to run you know how hard it is to get started. In the beginning everything hurts. Muscles you never knew existed hurt. Your lungs hurt. Even your ego hurts, as you watch the real runners fly by you while you are gasping for air. There is a reason so many people quit within a month after starting. Yet, 55 million people in the USA do it! I don’t have dreams of being a marathon runner. I just want to get my heart rate up and fight the aging process. If I can run 1 mile without stopping I will be thrilled to death.

I think so many of us have an all or nothing attitude when starting something hard. If we aren’t pros right away then we are somehow flawed and we quit. We suck at it and will never be good enough. Stop bashing yourself like that! Getting off the proverbial couch and moving is reason to celebrate! If you can conquer your goals a little bit at a time, it adds up. The key is simply to start. I have yet to get a runners high, but the pride I feel from challenging myself and breaking out of my comfort zone is reward enough. Isn’t that what life is all about? Feeling friggin’ awesome in all the tiny moments of greatness? GET OUT THERE AND DO YOUR THING!

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